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1.3 Using external applications

On several occasion, B3 may use external software installed on your system to display documents. In order to do so, you have to register them in the Options menu, Configre Mime-types sub-menu item. This will open a dialog box with possibility to add entries. There are two types that you will probably need:

To be able to open OpenDocument (text) files. With open office or any OpenDocument editor (can be openoffice.org3, oowriter, kwrite, abiword, depending on your system and preference).
To be able to display web pages. This is used by the Bookmarks menu for instance. This will typically be something like firefox or opera, but any other browser or web editor can be used here.
Finally, you can add any document of your choice to bibliographic entry, and visualize them directly by providing a type. You just have to register the corresponding type in this dialog box after all. For instance, you will probably want to do something like
With command acroread, evince, okular, xpdf or whatever.
Please note that the command you provide should be accessible, since it will be used verbatim in a system call. A secure option consists in providing the absolute path of the corresponding program on your system.