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1.2 Importing and file formats

Importing data means that you can add data from other formats into a B3 database. B3 can import data in *.b3d and *.b3z format, but several additional formats are available. However, it is not possible to manage a database in one these formats, they are not fully implemented for now and they could lead to a loss of data. A list of available formats for import is given in the following table:

Format: Description: Implementation level:
*.b3d; *.b3z B3 databases Full
*.bib Bibtex file Full
Pubmed text Text output of Pubmed database (deprecated, use XML instead)
Pubmed xml XML output of Pubmed database Full
RIS Reference Manager(c) format Articles only for now
EndNotes(c) export EndNotes(c) export format1 Articles only for now

It is also possible to scan recursively a directory for bibliographic data, and to fetch the Pubmed database. whatever the importing procedure, the final step is the same: the entries are displayed in a BibView window.


[1] This is a plain text, tagged format, not the binary .enl EndNotes file format! You have to export your file in this format using the appropriate EndNotes filter.