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2.1 The journal database

Articles entries contain a field named Journal. Journal may be displayed as fully named or abbreviated, for instance: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA or Proc.Nat. Acad. Sci. or PNAS.

2.1.1 The Journal Dictionary

B3 includes a database with a set of journal names and corresponding abbreviations. You can access this database via the menu Journal -> Show Journal Dictionary Editor. You can edit this database providing you selected the corresponding check-box in the Options menu.

Journal dictionary editor

Figure 2.1: Browsing the journal database.

2.1.2 Checking journal names

When reading or importing a database, B3 can check if the journal fields are present in the database and warn you if not. In order to do so, select the corresponding check-box in the Options menu. When editing an entry, a pop-up window shows up to show you all possible completions. This window can also be displayed via the Journals menu.

2.1.3 Switching between 'Full' and 'Abbreviate' modes

This is performed via the Options menu. Check the Use abbreviations check-box to switch to abbreviate mode. Check the Use dotted abbreviations check box to display dotted abbreviations (ie Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. instead of Proc Nat Acad Sci).

NB: This is only possible for entry whose journal is present in the dictionary.
NB2: The selected mode will be used when processing the database with XSLT.

Journal names and abbreviations

Figure 2.2: Automatic insertion of a journal name.