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2.3 Searching a database (beta)

Version 2.90 includes a new general search tool that comes as a replacement for the old limited "author search" tool.

The search dialog is opened by going to the Search->Request menu item. A search request follows the general form:

     FIELD_TYPE matching operator REGEXP
corresponds to the field to search (for now: "Author", "Year", "Title" or "Keywords").
is a regular expression following Java regex format 1.4.2/docs/api/java/util/regex/Pattern.html the java documentation for a detailed list of expressions allowed.
matching operator
is one of '=' (match) or '!=' (do not match)

Several expression separated by a Boolean operator ('|' OR or '&' AND) are allowed, and priority may be specified by parenthesis. Here is an example:

     (AUTHOR=Kimura | AUTHOR=Tamura) & YEAR=19\d\d

Search for all entries with author "Kimura" or "Tamura" published in the XXth century.

Finally, the request dialog provides some shortcuts for typing the request.