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3.3 Using LaTeX

The insertion of citation in LaTeX document is facilitated by the LaTeX menu. This task may be achieved in 3 steps:

  1. Select one or several entries in a database, by clicking on the corresponding lines. Maintaining <shift> key down allows to make a continuous selection, while maintaining <ctrl> key down allows to make a multi-intervals selections.
  2. Use the LaTeX menu (or the corresponding shortcut) to choose a LaTeX command. For now, the standard \cite command and commands from the Natbib package are supported:

    \cite <ctrl>+i
    \citet <ctrl>+t
    \citep <ctrl>+p
    \citealt <ctrl>+<alt>+t
    \citealp <ctrl>+<alt>+p
    \citeauthor <ctrl>+a
    \citeyear <ctrl>+y

    The corresponding command is copied to clipboard.

  3. Paste the content of the clipboard to your favorite LaTeX editor (usually using <ctrl>+c).