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New 2.97 beta version available. i18n started. Available languages: English US(default), French and Spanish.

To translate B3 to your own language, you have to edit two properties file; one in the bibliography package, and one in the B3 package, available with source files.


New 2.96 beta version available. Several bugs fixed, + a new journal dictionary, with a lot of new journals. By default, B3 will use the old database. To use the new one, you'll have to remove the existing in the .B3 directory and then launch B3, it will copy the new database. If you have modified the journals database, you can re-import it later using the new "import" function in the dictionary editor: B" will check for any correspondance in the new and old database and merge them.

B3 has also been accepted as a SourceForge project. Final version 3.00 will be avaible there!


New 2.95 beta version available. This new version includes several imrovements. The main change is the distribution format: B3 comes as a jar file, and sources are distributed as a a separate zip file.


Third 3.00 beta version available (2.93).


Rewrote the help files using Texinfo. The result can be seen in the in the 'help' tab of this site. Began to update... but there's still some work to be done!


Second 3.00 beta version available.

The big new functionality is the OpenDocument (OD) processing. A detailed help will be written later :D . In a few words, it works by insering tags in your OD file, and then parse the file to replace the tags by the corresponding entry. The syntaxe of the tags is based on the famous latex package natbib. For now, B3 format the tags according to a specified style among several available, check all the entries and format the bibliography according to a stylesheet. The resulting bibliography is written in a HTML file that you can copy wherever you want in your OD file. A straightforward improvement is to automatically insert the bibliography into the document...


New 3.00 beta version available. See the 'What's new?' file for details.


New 3.00 beta version available. This version includes several improvements, like a new search tool (see the help section). See the 'What's new?' file for details. Since many functionalities have been added, this version is a 'beta' one. I think it's quit stable, but I have not tested all functionalities...

It is possible to have the stable and beta version installed on a computer. Both programs will share the same config files. I recommand that you backup your files before opening it with the beta version.

Enjoy ;)


New MacOS X Application Bundle available, thanks to Georg K� See the download section for getting it and the screenshots section for having a look at it! This bundle does not contain the sources file, you need to download the multi-platform distribution if you want them.


B3 2.60 available. New i/o toward SQL database. Hightly configurable i/o using the Options -> External database I/O dialog. Configuration may be saved to XML file. Two example files may be downloaded from this site (see Download).


B3 2.51 available. Several bug fixed from version 2.50. Bibtex and ISI import improved. New options in OOo export.


B3 2.50 available. New authors database functionality, check the help section for a quick tutorial!


  • B3 2.41 available. Pubmed import improved. New options (page and title formating).
  • New website! Information as been split into several pages. The whole site as moved to, so update your links!


  • B3 2.40 available. A few anoyances remaining from the V2.30 RC5 were checked, such as Bibtex import and export, drag and drop freezing... I also added a pubmed request dialog that allow you to directly perform a request from pubmed database. Hence I renamed the 2.30 version as 2.40, and this will be considered the current stable release. Need to update help and screenshots now... :s


  • B3 2.30 RC4 available. Towards the 0-bug level? Some annoying things are improved... The SQL port has been temporaly removed (does not work well). This will be completely remade in version 3. This version will be considered final version 2.30. I'll now focus on version 3.00 (Bibendum).
  • Website updated.


B3 2.30 RC3 available. More bugs fixed. Source code has been reorganized. The BookTitle field has been removed from the IN_BOOK entry type (this was an error!), and else will be ignored while reading old B3 file. Please make a backup copy of your files before reading it with this new version. If this new format leads to great loss of data, I can write a patch to fix old files... just tell me or correct them manually.


B3 2.30 RC2 available. A major I/O bug has been fixed, so please, upgrade to this version!


B3 is one year old! I'm glad of the evolution of this little piece of software :-) The web site as moved! And the new version of B3 (2.30) is available for download (by ftp).

This new release (2.30) is a quite stable version, thanks to the persons who took the time to test the program. More than a simple release candidate, this version adds a few new features too:

  • List of recent files
  • New field 'file', possibility to open local files (PDF, abstracts, etc.)
  • Possibility to display an URL in a specified browser
  • Better import: import from CSV files and thanks to many remarks, Bibtex and RIS support have been improved.


New release: 2.20 alpha. Export to OpenOffice has been improved. For now, I've forgotten the idea to process a whole OpenOffice document. I prefer to export to a database and use OO tools, hoping that they while soon improve it to deal with stylesheets. You can export entries to a database or to a text file readable by OpenOffice. See Export to OpenOffice help for detailed help.


  • New release: 2.11 alpha. See 'What's new' file for a list of improvements.
  • New American Psychologist Association (APA) style file.
  • New help files available online. Convert html files to framesets.


Add new stuff on the web page (including this page). Current verson is 2.10 gamma. It seems to be quite stable (note: my first version is numbered 1.0. Following conventional notations, this should be 0.1 ;-) I'm improving stylesheets while learning a bit more about XSLT, presently I try to implement the APA famous bibliography style. The two main tasks that are becoming urgent are: (i) deal with true databases (postgreSQL?), (ii) improve Open Office support. The first isn't that difficult, I just need time... The second may be more painful. I'm thinking of using an auxilliary program to process Open Office files (written in Perl?).

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